I wish I could still be in Rainbows when I'm 100

Tulsi-Leela, 6, tells us about the things she's learned and the games she's played that all make Rainbows so special

Sometimes I wish I could still be here even when I’m 100!

I've learned a lot of things... we have learned... I can’t really remember because it's in the past but we have learned a lot of things at Rainbows. We had to find puzzle pieces so we were in different groups and we had to go outside and get all the pieces and whoever finished first won.

We play games and pretend to camp

We play games, so many games, and sometimes we cook, sometimes we pretend to camp... well we bring the tent outside and go in the tent, and pretend to go to sleep.

One of the Leaders today in Rainbows said that I need to look after someone called Mia... and I’m still looking after her until she fits in really well and she knows where everything is.

Everyone is so kind and helpful

My favourite thing about Rainbows is that all the Leaders are so polite. Everyone there is just so kind and helpful.

They’re very nice to me and they’re very supportive. Sometimes I wish I could still be here even when I’m 100!

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