I raised money to help people with Ebola

Brownie Kiera, 9, raised a significant amount for Medicines San Frontieres to help tackle Ebola

Brownies makes you think about ways of helping others, which is good.

My granddad lives in South Africa so I was worried about him when I heard about Ebola in Africa. I didn't want other people dying, too. So I decided to raise money to help.

Our running and cycling challenge

My sister, who is only six and a Rainbow, and two of my friends also wanted to help. We wanted a difficult challenge so we decided to run 5km and cycle 10!

My mum and dad helped me set up a fundraising page and we decided to support Medecins Sans Frontieres. It was very windy on the day but we pushed on. It was challenging but fun too. It was very tiring but definitely worth it.

I care about other people

Brownies makes you think about ways of helping others, which is good. I want to do more in the future because I care about other people - maybe next time I'll do a triathlon!

What Leader Sarah says

Kiera's Leader Sarah explains further, 'Kiera made a flyer and sent it around to her friends to see if they would help her. They raised an incredible £1,405.74. All of our Brownies are extremely proud of Kiera's fantastic fundraising efforts, particularly as it was all her idea.

'The guiding ethos gives girls a sense of social responsibility and the philosophy Leaders follow gives girls the inspiration they need to make a difference to the world.'

Do your bit and have fun

There is a lot that Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Seniors can do to make a difference to society. Read about what they're doing