I promote adventurous activities to members of all ages

Kerri, Water Specialist - Paddlesports, works to get more girls and Leaders in guiding onto the water

I want to promote adventurous activities and share the passion of paddlesports with members of all ages. 

Kerri is a proud volunteer on our National Outdoors Team - and a Leader with three Guide units

We asked Kerri why she is so passionate about getting more adult members involved in safe, adventurous activity.

I’ve tried most things on, in and under the water!

'I paddle all year round and love white-water rafting and white-water swimming. I first got involved with paddlesports when I moved near to the Thames in London 16 years ago, building up from being a complete beginner to a qualified coach.

‘When I saw the National Outdoor Team position being advertised I decided to give it a go, never thinking I’d be considered. So when I was chosen, I felt so proud!

‘I juggle the role with my job as Student and Course Officer at Kingston University - plus I’m a Leader with three Guide units, County Boating Adviser, and Division Guide and Senior Section Residential Adviser. I love keeping busy and luckily my husband and two sons are also boating people!

'Outdoor activities build character and self-esteem through overcoming fears and pushing oneself. As part of the Outdoor Team, I want to promote adventurous activities and share the passion of paddlesports with members of all ages. 

Girls learn by example, so my aim is to get Leaders on the water first – then more girls will end up enjoying the many great water activities available through guiding.

‘Having been a Leader for 25 years (and a Young Leader, Guide and Brownie before that), I love working with girls and young women. At a recent Water Fun Weekend on the Thames, over 200 Guides enjoyed everything from stand-up paddleboarding to trying out homemade coracles. Hearing their laughter and watching their enjoyment was so rewarding.

We always get every single girl involved.

'At another event a Guide was a wheelchair user. So we adapted a garden chair to strap to a boat called a KataKanu so that she and her carer could paddle around the lake. It made her week!

Helping people overcome a challenge and then build on their discoveries is what I love. Being able to pass on my passion is incredible.

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Get your girls outdoors

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