I love doing badges and activities at Guides

Heather, 10, really enjoys activities and trips with her Guide Unit, and earning badges with her friends

The badge I’m most proud of is my Promise badge and my favourite activities to do are food activities.

At school, you don’t really do activities and trips that often, it’s just when you’re doing a certain topic. Say you go on a trip with Guides, like an international, you don’t get to do that at school.

Getting to know everyone

At Guides you can get to know other people - you don’t just sit there quietly. Being all girls you just get along better with everyone. There are four of us who came up through Rainbows, Brownies and Guides together and we really enjoyed that.

Doing fundraising with other units

When we do fundraising with lots of different guiding units, I always say 'Hi' to Faith, the Brownie Leader, because I used to be in her unit and it’s nice to see her again.

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