I learn loads of stuff at Guides

Amy, 13, has learned skills at 7th Culcheth Guides that she can't wait to use as she gets older

You get more opportunities in Guides, such as trips, activities and more things for your CV.

I think that guiding is good to prepare you for later on in life because it’s a time away from all your revision. When you’re moving up to college, you’re just focusing on revising but when you come here, it’s a break from all that stuff.

Team-building, orienteering and exploring the forest

You also get more opportunities in Guides. You get more trips, you get to do out-of-the-ordinary activities and you get more things for your CV. I went to Pettypool and we did team-building, orienteering, and an exercise where you’re blindfolded and you put your hands on someone’s shoulders and go through the forest.

Life skills that matter

I’m in the top set for maths and when we're finding the volume of a cylinder, you get people saying 'When are we going to need this for a job?'. However my friend Tia says that at Guides you learn real life skills.

I want to go on an international next

Next year I’m moving up to The Senior Section, which will help me with college. A better education means you can get a better job - it all adds up. If I were to go on an international, say to Iceland, I know that I might not be able to do that in the future because of having children or a job.

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