I help leaders offer more activity and adventure to girls

Bethan Gudgeon, Horizon Scanning and Sport Specialist, researches new sports and outdoor activities for guiding

I really believe Leaders can increase girls’ levels of activity and adventure.

Bethan is a Leader and a member of our National Outdoor Team

She is also a primary teacher and somehow finds time to do her Queen's Guide Award. She told us about about her role bringing new outdoor activities to girls in guiding.

‘I’ve been in guiding ever since I turned five years old, and I’m now a Rainbow Leader as well as County Walking Adviser and a member of the National Outdoor Team.

Outdoor activities and sport boost both physical and mental health, so – especially with many girls dropping out of sport as teenagers – guiding plays a crucial role in bringing them these benefits.

‘Outdoor adventures are my favourite experiences with the girls – seeing them grow in confidence and develop a love for the outdoors is so satisfying. When I took a group of Rainbows from central London to a campsite surrounded by woods they found it magical!

'My role as Horizon Scanning and Sport Specialist is to research new sports and outdoor activities. Plus, I work alongside the rest of the National Outdoor Team and Country and Region Outdoor Activity Advisers to make what guiding offers even better.

‘I fit the role around my job as a primary school teacher – and I’ve been known to take conference calls on a park bench between unit meetings! But I just put my Promise into practice and always try to do my best.

‘I applied to join the Outdoor Team for the Service in Guiding section of my Queen’s Guide Award – and I cycled Hadrian’s Wall for my Outdoor Challenge and did hillwalking and mountaineering for my Personal Skill Development.

‘When I was younger I learned to canoe, climb, kayak, sail and windsurf – all through guiding.

I really believe Leaders can increase girls’ levels of activity and adventure.

'For me, there’s nothing as exhilarating as mountaineering and ski mountaineering, making it to the top of a snowy mountain! I actually get bouts of MWS (mountain withdrawal syndrome!) if I’m not doing sport or outdoor activities!’

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