I have my say about big decisions on the Council

Lara, 17, sits on the Girlguiding Council and has her say on big decisions

I'd love to change this outdated perception that Girlguiding is not 'cool'.

I'm 17 and studying for my A-levels as well as being a Peer Educator and Young Leader. I'm excited about being on Girlguiding's Council. Guiding has offered me amazing opportunities but to many of my contemporaries, it's not cool. I'd love to change this outdated perception.

The Council meets at Girlguiding's AGM to receive a report from the Trustees and exchange views on policy and strategy. Between AGMs, it's a consultative body. Each Country and Region elects four Council members.

Shaping Girlguiding to drive change

It's really important we shape the organisation to be even more relevant to girls and young women today. Free Being Me, for example, is a global initiative that can make a real difference to many young women. Girlguiding has the power to reach a huge population and drive significant change.

More on how we're run

The Council is a forum where membership representatives from all Countries and Regions can engage with Girlguiding and influence the decisions made.