I can't wait to move up to Guides

Isis, 10, is excited to move up from Brownies to Guides - and she has some top tips for other girls

I'll soon be a Guide! I have been told it is extremely fun.

I am going to miss my Brownie gilet but am hoping to get a new Guide dress to sew my new badges on to.

When I first started Brownies, I was extremely nervous as I had never been to Rainbows.

My Promise was very special

After being a Brownie for some weeks, I made my Promise on a canal boat, which was very special. My favourite badge was the Writer badge as I completed it without help.

It's good to go on camps

I think it's good to go on camps with your District while you are still a Brownie. You'll meet all the friends you made there again when you get to Guides!

Make that move easier

Support your girls so they're prepared to move up to the next section.