Guiding has shown me anyone can lead

Emma, Queen's Guide and Assistant Rainbow Leader, explains why believing in yourself is key to leadership

Being a leader is about believing in yourself, and then being willing to learn and take on advice.

Emma learned about leadership - and what she was made of - when she started her Queen's Guide Award

'Guiding has me hooked! I joined Rainbows at five and I’ve never left. My mum’s also involved in the organisation. She’s a great example of leadership, and has inspired me to take on as many awards and do as much within Girlguiding as I possibly can.

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of great opportunities in guiding.

The chance to do the Queen’s Guide Award was something I was especially excited about, as it gives you the ability to develop your leadership skills while also giving back to guiding and your community. My attitude when I first started was simply, “I’ll give it
a go.” But in the end, I learned more than I ever expected. I found the Community Action section of the award particularly interesting, as I volunteered to help improve children’s
literacy at a local school and also researched illiteracy’s larger causes and effects. And I felt that the Outdoor Challenge, where I went wild camping, really taught me what I was capable of.

It also showed me that anyone can be a leader.

'It’s just about believing in yourself, and then being willing to learn and take on advice. And that’s what guiding is all about, really: whatever your role, it’s about being the best you can be. Being a Leader has shown me more and more of that every day.

Emma's story and photos of her visit to our Foxlease Activity Centre appear in the leadership issue of guiding magazine.

The Queen's Guide Award

The highest award in guiding is a programme of excursions, outdoor adventures and community action.

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