Guiding empowered me to become a civil engineer

Guiding gave Rainbow Leader Pippa the confidence to get her dream job

Guiding definitely gave me a can-do attitude. At no point did I think that I couldn't or shouldn't do engineering.

Guiding definitely gave me a can-do attitude. At no point did I think that I couldn't or shouldn't do engineering because I was a girl. I now work as a Senior Design Manager at Vinci Construction.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do as a career but after my Dad showed me an article about civil engineering, I became interested in it. To do it, I needed maths, which I could do, and technical drawing (well, I liked drawing cartoons). I liked the idea of working outside too.

My summer placement

It was only once I started my first summer placement that I really understood what civil engineering was about. In my early days I was a site engineer, ensuring that what was built was in the correct place, and used the right materials. Now I manage designers. I make sure that the drawings and details include all the correct information and are of good quality – constructions have to be solid and safe.

Why I love Rainbows

At Rainbows, I love meeting such a variety of girls and hearing the different stories they have to tell, although there is always one wobbly tooth mentioned at news time!

Telling the girls about engineering

I noticed there wasn't much information for young girls about what engineering is, why it is important, and what makes it fun, so I decided to promote activities which get girls thinking about and exploring the world around them.

I put together fun and challenging ideas related to areas of my industry that can be used with all sections. This could be anything from seeing who can build the tallest tower to getting girls to be creative with Lego and marble runs. My unit have experimented with materials by building sandcastles and taken 'spot the engineering' train trips together.

Exciting career opportunities for girls

Engineering institutions all realise that there is a skills shortage and that we need to make the available talent pool bigger. By raising awareness from a young age we give the girls choice to be involved in exciting career opportunities.