A day in the life of Jen, Communications and PR Adviser

Jen encourages people to get involved in guiding as a Communications and PR Adviser in Gloucestershire

It's great to see the press picking up on our stories and showing people that we change as the lives of girls change.

I love being one of the first people to know the latest guiding news in Gloucestershire. As a Marketing and Communications Team Leader and Public Relations Adviser (PRA), I have my finger on the pulse of what's going on - whether that's someone receiving an award, a Brownie unit going on a brilliant trip or the County putting on a show.

As a Team Leader, I oversee the website, newsletters, social media and help our Division PRAs who publicise local events in their areas.

My role also means being a PRA at our County events, which is a bit like being a roving reporter! I ask girls and Leaders to be in photos, record quotes on my phone and jot down where the girls have come from. I then use this to write press releases to send to local papers all over the county, so people know about the fantastic stuff we get up to in guiding. I've also spoken on the radio and run training sessions for other Leaders on social media and PR.

How I got started

I became a PRA for the same reason everyone takes guiding roles – someone asked me! When I attended my first Region meeting of PRAs, everyone's enthusiasm for shouting out about Girlguiding confirmed for me that this was a job I would be suited to.

I already had some experience as part of The Senior Section Media Team at the Centenary Camp at Harewood House in 2010. The most nerve-wracking bit was being interviewed on camera about Girlguiding by the Trainers with all of my team watching! It was great fun though, and it felt so natural - I've got so many great experiences of being in guiding that it's easy to talk about them.

I've been to some excellent training weekends where I learned about being a spokesperson, branding, writing press releases and approaching the press.

Challenging people's perception of guiding

Often people have quite an old-fashioned view of Girlguiding. It's great to see the press picking up on our stories and showing people that we change as the lives of girls change.

Equally, when we post on our Twitter account and Facebook page we get instant feedback that Leaders and the general public like seeing what we're doing. The thought that what we do encourages them to join us or to stay involved in the organisation makes me really happy.

Being a PRA or Marketing and Communications Adviser has got to be one of the best roles within Girlguiding. Your job is to brag about how fabulous Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, The Senior Section and Leaders are in your area – what's not to love?

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