New GlaxoSmithKline CEO to inspire young women

21 September 2016

Advocate Harpriya Singh explains why she's excited to see Emma Warmsley at GlaxoSmithKline's helm

Emma Warmsley’s appointment as CEO of GlaxoSmithKline is such a brilliant boost for young women considering their career choices. We know, from Girlguiding’s Girls Attitudes Survey, that 35% of women aged 17-25 don’t believe they have the same chances in their career as men do. Girlguiding, through our Camp CEO programme, is trying to tackle this lack of confidence by pairing successful business women like Emma with our young members. Through mentoring and training we are actively encouraging and enabling them to aim high in their chosen field.  Emma’s appointment as CEO of a FTS100 company shows that there are opportunities for women at the highest levels in business. I hope her success will encourage other girls and young women to be bold and follow their dream careers. - Harpriya Singh, Girlguiding Advocate

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