Girlguiding to revolutionise iconic badge and activities

18 May 2017

The activities girls do in Girlguiding are being revolutionised as part of a major transformation

The biggest ever overhaul of our iconic badges and activities will bring them bang up to date for the diversity of today’s girls and young women. As part of the changes, we're opening up the opportunity for girls, parents and others outside guiding to have their ideas turned into an iconic guiding badge for the first time.

Investment in girls' futures

This extensive change to our programme marks the biggest investment in girls’ futures outside of the school system in the UK. Hundreds of thousands of girls will benefit from the revised programme that will equip them with all the skills and experiences they will need to thrive, succeed, make change and be happy in the modern world.

Girls are the driving force behindthe revamp with their suggestions leading the generation of new badges and activities. So far 15,000 girls have been involved in putting forward and testing ideas.

Changing as girls' lives change

Girlguiding has always changed as the lives of girls have changed since it was founded over a century ago, introducing ground breaking badges for girls from the start such as Air Mechanic in the 1910s and Electrician in the 1930s. The new content will make sure the huge range of girls’ interests today are captured as part of the fun, adventure and learning guiding offers girls and young women. The charity aims to attract new members form all backgrounds with the refreshed offer so even more girls can benefit.

The new Girlguiding badges and activities will be developed around six themes, Skills for my Future, Have Adventures, Be Well, Know Myself, Express Myself and Take Action, expanding girls’ choices and equipping them with more skills and knowledge they can utilise now and in the future. These themes, plus new and improved resources, will also make it more straightforward for volunteers leading groups.

The public share their #BadgeGoals

Girlguiding is asking people outside of guiding to get involved on social media by posting their ideas for the badge they would create for today’s girls using the hashtag #BadgeGoals. Their ideas will be considered as part of the development of the final badges.

Role models tell us their #BadgeGoals

The charity has already received suggestions from some famous faces including Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle who said she’d create a Resilience Badge.

Beth Tweddle is one of a number of inspirational women who have received an honorary ‘I Give Girls a Voice’ badge from Girlguiding in recognition of the part they’ve played in helping to develop role models of the future by championing and empowering girls. Other recipients include Olympic champions Dame Kelly Holmes and Lizzy Yarnold, singer and dancer Kimberly Wyatt, Paralympic champion Hannah Cockroft, journalist Bryony Gordon and adventurer Anna McNuff.

I’m incredibly honoured to be awarded the ‘I Give Girls a Voice’ badge as Girlguiding inspires and empowers so many girls and young women.

“My #BadgeGoal is a Resilience Badge, to give girls the chance to build their mental wellbeing and learn how to cope with the stresses of everyday life. I know from experience resilience is such a valuable skill and it has helped me in different situations, from handling the pressures of competing in gymnastics to dealing with the demands of daily life. A Resilience Badge would help to tackle the stigma around mental health from a young age by empowering girls to talk confidently about these issues and equipping them with the skills they need to be resilient throughout their lives.”

The new programme will be launching in summer 2018 with new activities and badges introduced at different stages.

Wide-ranging badge suggestions

Badges are still in the development phase and girls of all ages have so far suggested wide ranging ideas for potential badges including App Design, Entrepreneurship, DIY, Animation, Investigating, Festival Goer, Voting, Grow Your Own, Space, Costume Design, Self-Care, Upcycling, Speaking Out and Archaeology. The charity is continuing to speak to girls inside and outside Girlguiding to hear their ideas.

What girls and young women say

Some young members have said:

I would create the Inventor Badge because someone might have a really good invention and then maybe it could be used to help people in the future. - Grace, 9
Chemist Badge would be brilliant as girls could find out about acids and alkalis and have a go at conducting experiments. It would be a fantastic way to engage girls in chemistry. - Elena, 17
My dream badge would be the Be Yourself Badge because I think that being yourself is very important for Brownies and for life.- Maia, 9
My choice is a Video Journalist Badge. It would give girls the opportunity to learn about making vlogs and other video news pieces and understand how to harness one of the most powerful communication mediums available to them in the present day. - Sophie, 20
I’d like a Gymnastics Badge because I enjoy doing it and I can do lots of tricks. - Lil, 9
I’d love to do a Zip Line Badge because it is very fun and cool. - Mihika, 8


Now tell us your dream badge

We want to hear your new badge ideas! Find out more about our #BadgeGoals campaign on social media.

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