Girlguiding set up Hurricane Irma support fund

Hundreds of Girlguiding members across our Branches in the Caribbean have been affected by the devastating Hurricane Irma

Four of Girlguiding’s five branches in the Caribbean have been hit by Hurricane Irma, three of them directly. The levels of damage and the loss of life across the islands are unprecedented.

Many members and units of Girlguiding in Anguilla, Turks and Caicos and the British Virgin Islands will have had their lives turned upside down, in some cases losing everything. As the islands start to recover and the humanitarian relief effort is carried out over the coming weeks and months, islanders will want to start resuming their normal lives – and this includes returning to Girlguiding.

Our global guiding movement shares values of caring for and helping others and we know that our members care deeply about those affected by crises around the world. By donating to our fund, you’ll be helping affected members take part fully in their unit activities once again - replacing guiding resources, uniforms, publications and equipment.

Rebecca Cook, Girlguiding Branches Adviser, said:

I am horrified and shocked at the level of destruction and loss of life that has been suffered across the Caribbean as a result of Hurricane Irma. I am particularly concerned about the Girlguiding Branch Associations that have been impacted by this terrible hurricane.
My thoughts and prayers remain with every single member of the Branches affected and I hope that the humanitarian relief by a number of agencies can arrive swiftly. This fundraising effort will then be able to provide some support to help members have unit meetings and the opportunities we all know guiding provides.

Help our Branches rebuild

Donations will be used to support affected units in the Caribbean Branches to rebuild their units, and ensure girls can continue to access the benefits of guiding.

Any excess funds raised will be placed in the restricted Island Cafe Fund, which will be used to provide opportunities for girls and young women in the Branches and to develop and modernise the Branch Associations for the future.

How to donate

You can donate easily and cost-effectively on our Hurricane Irma Appeal page on the donate link below.

Whether you are giving as an individual or on behalf of your unit, donating in this way is simple and secure.

Donate now

Donate to our support fund now

Donate now

If you aren’t able to make your donation online, you can send a cheque payable to Girlguiding to:

Fundraising – Branches Support Fund
17-19 Buckingham Palace Road

Please include a note letting us know that your donation is for the Branches Support Fund.

Thank you for your support