Our response to ITV Tonight's investigation into sexual harassment

Our spokeswoman responds to an investigation by ITV Tonight into the scale of sexual harassment

Julia Peters, a Girlguiding Young Spokeswoman, said:

ITV Tonight’s investigation contains shocking footage and stories, but to me it is not surprising. As a 22-year-old woman, harassment is an almost daily experience for me, from being catcalled to unwanted touching, just because I am female. And this experience starts young and in schools.

Our Girls’ Attitudes Survey found 75% of 11 to 21 year olds said that anxiety about experiencing sexual harassment negatively affects their lives in some way. This leads to girls altering their behavior, perhaps by not wearing what they’d like to, not putting their hand up in class or walking a different way home, in order to avoid being harassed. And harassment is just one part of how girls see women being treated differently to men in society.

Girls and women have the right to be safe wherever they are. Sadly this isn’t currently the case, but it is encouraging to see more and more people speaking up about the need to tackle sexual harassment because at Girlguiding we’ve been campaigning for change on this for several years.

Julia is a Young Leader and represents Girlguiding on the British Youth Council.