Why we're empowering girls through Camp CEO

Did you know that only 35% of young women aged 17 to 21 believe women and men have the same chance of succeeding in their chosen jobs?

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25 July 2016

Camp CEO is about changing that

Research we're launching today has found that 90% of 9 to 10 year-olds think that women and men have the same chance at succeeding in their jobs - but only 35% of 17 to 21 year-olds feel the same. 

That's why we have invited 20 girls aged 14 to 17 to our own Camp CEO that takes place this week.

The 20 girls will receive one-to-one mentoring from CEOs such as Google's Chloe Arrowsmith, Accenture's Sevasti Wong and HS2's Beth West.

During the week-long camp they'll get expert career advice on how to overcome challenges and build confidence, develop interview techniques and networking skills.

Julie Bentley, Girlguiding's Chief Executive said, 'This new research shows girls are lacking in confidence at an important stage in their lives when they are starting to think about the future, enter work or begin university.

'As the UK's leading charity for girls and young women it's our responsibility to change this through opportunities like Camp CEO – bringing together girls with successful female role models to fuel their ambition and build their confidence.'

Girlguiding's Chief Guide Valerie Le Vaillant, is also attending the camp. A role model for all of our young members, Valerie is an award winning businesswoman and entrepreneur with plenty of experience to share with the girls. Valerie also recently received the 'First Woman Award' for her work in the built environment at the Confederation of British Industry First Women Awards. 

Empowering girls to fulfill their own aspirations

Our research also found that only 40% of young women aged 17 to 21 feel they can do anything if they try, compared to 74% of 7 to 10 year-old girls. But Anousa Parkin, 17, who went to Camp CEO in 2014, has since proved that girls can do anything they put their mind to.

She said, 'Taking part in the camp and meeting the CEOs really helped boost my confidence. It made me believe I could succeed doing whatever I wanted and showed me there isn't just one type person who can become a leader or businesswoman.

'Since Camp CEO I have set up my own business, selling my own artwork, cards and decorations at craft fairs and Teenage Markets. The skills and the confidence I gained from the camp really helped me in doing this.'

Girls grow through guiding

We know that getting involved in Girlguiding helps girls to build confidence, empowers them to take on leadership roles and gives them opportunities to learn skills. In fact, we're pretty sure they will be showing their mentors a thing or two on the camp.

As HS2's Commercial Director Beth West said, 'I hope that my experience of working in banking, at Transport for London and with HS2 will inspire and encourage young women to feel there are no barriers to achieving their goals at school, in further education or in their chosen careers and to feel proud of their achievements, however large or small.

'I'm also looking forward to learning from them, through taking part in the outdoor activities planned for the camp!'

What's happening at Camp CEO?

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