Leader Molly thinks of the new Girlguiding website

Rainbow Unit Leader Molly, 19, shares what she found out about the new website when she joined the Girlguiding team during the summer

Molly Rees, Rainbow Leader
24 Aug 2016

Hi, my name's Molly and I'm a Rainbow Leader.

I'm studying Communications and Media at the University of Liverpool. I've recently been helping out at Girlguiding for a couple of weeks during my summer holiday, and I've got the inside scoop on our brand new website.

As you've all probably heard, our website is getting a huge overhaul at the end of summer. I was lucky enough to get a behind-the-scenes look at the website being created – and to write some of the web pages too! Plus, I got to see that there are some exciting changes coming that are going to make life as a volunteer so much easier.

The Guiding Manual

The Guiding Manual is an essential guide that we all use, but in September the existing Guiding Manual website is closing down and instead all of its content will be shared on the new website.

This may sound scary, but the Manual isn't disappearing, it's simply moving so all Girlguiding content is kept on the same website. There's no need to worry about losing anything important from the Manual though - your bookmarks will still work and be redirected to a relevant page on the new site. Plus, there will be a page that directs you to the key information that used to be on The Guiding Manual site, including an A to Z.

You'll always know when you're looking at a page from The Guiding Manual on the new site, as there will be a handy icon to show you.


Also, the current dreaded search function is being updated so you'll be able to filter your search by topic and section. This will make finding anything you're looking for super quick and easy.

Members' area

On the current website you have to login to the Members' area to gain access to member content. With the launch of the new website there will be no more trying to remember those long membership numbers or passwords to access this, as the content is being moved to the much more accessible main site. You'll be able to easily access the info you want - without that fiddly logging on bit!

The information itself is being updated with fresh new ideas and activities that both members and non-members can get excited about – as it's a shame to keep all this good stuff locked away. Again, there's no need to worry about your bookmarked pages disappearing - they'll take you straight to a relevant page on the new site.

Logging in to Go!

To get onto Go! at the moment you have to click on Members' area and Go!, login with your membership number, password and date of birth, finally access the Members' area, and then click again all just to get in – an extremely tedious process.

The new website will cut out all of that hassle, so instead when you login on the new site, you'll be taken straight into Go!. This means it'll be much quicker and easier for you to access your records and stay up to date. Go! itself is staying exactly the same, so you won't lose your info. No need to worry, all the data on Go! will still be protected and safe. 

Keep up to date

When the new website launches it will have videos that show you how to use these exciting new features. In the meantime check out the latest updates in our e-newsletters or on our social media.