“We even got to name a new rabbit Brownie!”

Two leaders give us the inside scoop on My Pet Pals workshops

Becky and Charlotte, Brownie leaders
10 July 2018

We know that girls love all things animal

So, together with our partner Pets at Home, we want to help them learn more about pets and wildlife.

Taking girls to a free My Pets Pals workshop at your local Pets at Home is a great way to get them thinking about how to care for animals responsibly. What’s more, the workshops are a fantastic way to get your unit out and about without worrying about the weather. And your girls are sure to love the chance to get up close and personal with some scaled, finned and furry friends!

Don’t just take our word for it though, we spoke to some unit leaders to see what they thought of the workshops.

We saw rabbits, fish, guinea pigs and hamsters, and got to hold and stroke the rabbits, mice and guinea pigs as well! We learnt the names of all the animals, and even got to name a new rabbit Brownie. They also told us what food they like and how to look after them. The girls liked the rabbits best as they kept coming up to the glass to say hello! And the mice as they were doing monkey bars on the top of their cage.- Charlotte, Leader, 147th Birmingham Brownies
The team spoke about lots of animals – hamsters, degu, guinea pigs, rats – telling us how long they lived, their diet and exercise regime, and if they liked to live in groups. We also had a store colleague speak to us about reptiles – leopard geckos, bearded dragons, and even a snake. He then thoroughly grossed the girls out with some crickets! My unit enjoyed learning about the reptiles as they were less common pets, and they loved holding the guinea pigs and rabbits. - Becky , Leader, 42nd Rotherham Brownies, also had a great time with her girls at the workshop

If these glowing reviews have got you interested in booking a My Pet Pals workshop for your unit, get in touch with your local Pets at Home store to find out more.