Thank you for keeping our Rainbow entertained

Read about how Elodie, a 6-year old Rainbow, has been kept busy

Mel, parent of Rainbow Elodie
27 January 2021

When the UK first went into lockdown in March last year, little did we know how it would affect our lives and all the things we love doing.

For Mel and her daughter Elodie, Rainbows has been a consistent presence throughout each of the lockdowns.

Mel tells us

"We’re very fortunate that the leaders of Elodie’s unit, 1st Limbury Rainbows, have been able to keep going via Zoom each week. Elodie has loved seeing her friends online, particularly when she’s not able to go into school.

Her leaders have worked really hard to adapt all sorts of activities to do from home, including scavenger hunts, themed bingo games, crafts, science experiments and cake decorating.

We’ve also been making the most of the resources available online. We tried some of the Adventures at home activities that were shared on social media. Elodie loved the festival! Her favourites were the slime-making using cornflour – which got very messy – and the den building from Foxlease.

We love going to the theatre and were very disappointed that we couldn’t make our annual trip to the pantomime, so again we watched Girlguiding’s online panto instead. Elodie had great fun shouting out with the girls on the screen and eating popcorn!

Paying subs

It’s a really tricky time financially for some people. But over the past year we’ve paid a reduced amount of subs to the Rainbow unit to reflect the fact that we haven’t been able to do all the things we usually do and to cover the cost of unit meeting materials and badges. The leaders have been fantastic in provided some of the materials as Elodie’s leader has delivered some to us.

I think it’s really important to pay subs so that the unit can continue to run. The leaders offer their time for free and shouldn’t be out of pocket to cover any additional expenses, even when meetings are online.

I know in some cases units haven’t been meeting but there are still ongoing costs that need to be paid including hall rent and the annual subscription which is a membership fee.

We’ve sadly not been able to do lots of our usual hobbies and activities, so we’re happy to pay subs as a thank you for helping to keep our little girl entertained during this crazy year!"

What do subscriptions pay for?

Every year Girlguiding charges a membership fee. This year the fee at national level is £17.70 a member. Other areas such as the country or region, county and local level will add their fee on top so what each member pays will be more than £17.70 and vary locally.

The fee nationally pays for many different things including insurance, whether the unit is meeting or not, all the online activities, keeping girls and volunteers safe etc. Read more about where the money is spent.