Rainbows visit aerospace lab

2nd The Hague Rainbows (part of British Guides in Foreign Countries) went on a flying visit to Delft University of Technology's aerospace laboratory to see their collection of planes. Their Leader, Jane Jarvis, blogs about how much they enjoyed their trip

Jane Jarvis
30 Sep 2015

One of our Rainbow's parents, Gillian Saunders, is a Professor in Aerospace Engineering

She works in the Department of Aerospace Structures and Materials at Delft University of Technology - and we were lucky enough to have her come along to our Rainbow meeting in June. She brought along some model plane kits for the girls to make and then she explained a little about how planes fly and stay in the air. The girls had great fun flying their model planes and racing each other.

The following week she invited the Rainbows to visit the university's aerospace laboratory to look at and explore the collection of old planes they have. We split up into small groups and each had an aerospace student to answer our questions and to tell the girls a bit about each plane.

Gillian said the girls asked her lots of brilliant questions including, 'Was that helicopter really used to catch pirates?' about a Navy helicopter used in piracy prevention of the coast of Somalia, and, 'What is the difference between a jet engine and a propeller engine?'

There were various planes and flying machines to investigate including a helicopter which had no seats, or engine inside. The highlight was climbing up the ladder to sit inside a F16 Fighter Jet. Needless to say it had long since been disarmed and the engine removed!

The Rainbows really enjoyed themselves, especially Abigail who said her Dad and her brother wished they could have been there too when they heard all about it over tea!

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