Girlguiding Cymru brings Rugby World Cup home

As part of Girlguiding Cymru’s Rugby World Cup challenge, a rugby ball signed by top Welsh players was passed around the 14 Welsh guiding counties. Rebecca Ellis Owen, 12, from 1st Penrhyn Bay Guides, tells us what it was like seeing the ball and having a game of tag rugby

Rebecca Ellis Owen
27 Sep 2015

I went along to our local Bring it Home event at Nant Conwy Rugby Club in Llanrwst, Caernarfonshire, with my unit

We played tag rugby, tried drop kicks and scrums, as well as getting to see the signed ball.

At first, none of us were very confident and we didn't know what to do. I wasn't very good. I kept dropping the ball and everything - I just couldn't get it! But after today I think I'm much better. My whole Guide unit improved a lot because the coaches were helpful and explained things to us.

Before today I had seen some rugby, but I thought it was a bit boring - now I enjoy it! It was nice playing with other Guides. I'd like to do it more because some of the girls in my unit weren't here and they might think rugby is boring like I did, but if they got into it they would find it fun.

I had a really great time. I'm excited to see the rugby ball when it goes to the Millennium Stadium, it will be amazing to know that people from Guides are actually part of the World Cup. This has made me way more excited to watch the games. In fact, I reckon Wales could win!

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