Get your first look at designs for our new website and e-newsletters

Membership Communications Officer Francesca explains how we made sure the new designs are right.

Francesca Brown, Membership Communications Officer
15 Jun 2016

How we did it: step-by-step

When we started work on transforming our website and e-newsletters, we knew there were three important things to get right in the design. First of all, that we needed a consistent design across both resources to reflect that our members use them side-by-side. Next, we knew that creating a design that we all loved was key to our success. And finally, that the only way we could get the design right was by involving members in developing it from the beginning.

Step 1: Defining our perfect design

We started with a workshop to share ideas about a new look for our website. Volunteers and members of staff joined Zone, our digital agency, to define what we wanted our website to show people about us - our amazing members, the breadth of our work and the experiences that girls have in guiding every day.

Volunteer Kyrstie gave us some brilliant feedback at the workshop.


Step 2: Getting closer to our new look

The designers at Zone went away and turned our ideas into some design options, then we brought together another group of volunteers and staff to get their honest opinions. Fortunately, everyone had positive feedback to share.

Volunteer Hazel previewed the designs and came to the workshop. She says, 'To me, the clean designs reflect the modern organisation that we are, and the use of photographs is an inspiring way to showcase the huge variety of activities that we offer to our members.'


Step 3: Our striking new website design

After all of that feedback, take a look at the new design for our website. It was developed using members' ideas and feedback throughout.


Step 4: A makeover for our e-newsletter

Now it was time to transform our email newsletters. We used key elements of our website design to create an initial design.

Step 5: Testing it out with members

We wanted members to lead this design process too, so we organised workshops across the country to check in with different people in different volunteer roles. They had the chance to build their own emails and comment on everything from colours to icons.

Volunteer Helen ran one of the workshops, 'I took the designs out to a group from my county to get their feedback. I felt like not only were my views taken into account, but we were able to reach a wider audience too.'

Step 6: Unveiling our e-newsletter design

The feedback from these sessions was incorporated into the final version of the newsletter. And here it is!

Volunteer Frankie attended a design workshop in Edinburgh, 'Seeing the new e-newsletter designs was exciting, they look amazing. In my job I create accessible information for people with learning difficulties so I was able to bring that up in our discussions.

'Being part of this process made me feel confident that the changes will be a success. It is great to know that the views of ordinary volunteers really matter to people making decisions.'

These changes are all part of the things we found out through our Membership Communications Review.

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