Chief Guide Valerie Le Vaillant thanks all our extraordinary volunteers

It's Volunteers' Week, and we're extremely grateful to the 100,000 amazing volunteers who give over ten million hours every year so that Girlguiding can take place across the UK.

Valerie Le Vaillant, Chief Guide
1 Jun 2016

Our amazing volunteers inspire girls to be confident and successful, giving them a space where they can be themselves, have fun, build brilliant friendships, gain valuable life skills and make a positive difference to their lives and their communities. Put simply, it's thanks to our volunteers that we can deliver life-changing opportunities for girls and young women.

Girlguiding has changed my life

I've got as much from guiding as I've put in to it, both as a Guide myself with the support and dedication of several fabulous Leaders, and later as a Leader helping girls and young women have the same amazing experiences I had. Today, I can hardly begin to convey to you the sheer happiness I feel watching my own daughters enjoy the fun of Girlguiding, and how grateful I am to their dedicated Leaders.

Guides think our volunteers are wonderful

Of course I'm biased, so don't just take my word for it. Our girls and young women always tell us how much they appreciate the great opportunities their unit volunteers provide for them.

Kiyla, 7 (nearly 8!), likes Brownies 'as it helps me learn things but is way more fun than school!'

Daisian, 6, thinks Rainbows is 'really fun because we make lots of things and help each other.'

Dilruba,13, loved Guides because 'everybody feels like they can share stories, contribute to the sessions and be involved. Nobody gets left out.'

Girlguiding values its volunteers

Without our volunteers there would be no Girlguiding, which is why you deserve a special 'thank you' this Volunteer's Week.

Girlguiding offers all its volunteers specialised training and the opportunity to develop outstanding skills, meet new people and have loads of fun. Our 'Being our best' plan makes a commitment that between now and 2020, Girlguiding will ensure that our volunteers continue to have an amazing time, with access to exceptional experiences, excellent leadership training, a great range of benefits and a fabulous members' scheme offering discounts on high street brands.

Tell everyone Girlguiding is fantastic

Girlguiding wants as many girls and young women as possible to enjoy the benefits of our programme and for that to happen we need the support of even more volunteers. So if you're already a member, I hope you'll continue to be a brilliant ambassador for guiding so that those who aren't volunteering at the moment see how much fun it is and want to get involved.

Did you know 35% of our members' parents say they want to help but have never been asked? Why not speak to parents locally and involve them in any way you can? Regularly displaying recruitment posters in new places may also help attract more support for your units.

Thank you again for everything you do for Girlguiding - you truly are a valued volunteer.

Learn skills through volunteering

Find out more about the development opportunities we offer our volunteers or different roles you could apply for to take the next step in your volunteer career.