Better communications – we listened, now we act

Overwhelmed by Girlguiding emails? Wondering if guiding magazine might better meet your needs? Not totally sure what Girlguiding is doing at the moment?

Jasmine Wyeth, Membership Communications Intern
15 Feb 2016

Things are about to change!

Last year we asked you what you thought about how we communicate with you. This year we're acting on what you told us. I'm Jasmine, Girlguiding's Membership Communications Intern, and I will be supporting the organisation's Membership Communications Review for six months. I've been reading your feedback from the communications survey we conducted last year and I'm really pleased to be helping to make your suggestions a reality.

Membership Communications Review, I hear you ask? Yes! 'Membership communications' refers to our e-newsletters, magazines, and any other ways we connect with you and the Review allows us to discover how we can best support our members. This helps us improve our Capacity as part of our 'Being our best' five-year plan. Find out more about the Membership Communications Review.

Although I was a Brownie and a Guide, that was several years ago and so as a new employee at Girlguiding, hearing the membership's views on our communications has been a really useful reintroduction to the organisation and I've already learned so much.

Getting our membership communications right

We know that you need consistent, relevant communications in order to provide girls with great guiding experiences and we are determined to deliver.

What I've discovered in my first month here is that some people are getting too many emails from us, while others are not getting many at all. Some people are receiving information about changes and events too far in advance, while others don't have enough notice.

On the more positive side, we know people value the magazine and appreciate hearing from us often - and you want even more inspiration for practical guiding, which we are eager to provide.

We can't wait to start making our magazine and newsletters work better for you, and will be improving them alongside the new website to make sure our members have the best communications channels possible.

Your views matter

First, we looked at our current communications. Our volunteer Task and Finish Group, made up of members from around the country, is helping steer us in our work. We then spoke to members about the issues and potential solutions.

  • We conducted workshops with 153 staff and volunteers at both national, and Country and Region levels to decide what to prioritise first in the review.
  • We conducted an online survey, to which 502 of you responded.
  • We held further workshops concerning solutions around the country, reaching 468 members.

This initial research has been completed and the next step is to turn your great comments into great communications. We are in the process of analysing the feedback we received, and we're excited to be making your vision a reality.

Looking ahead

I'll be writing regular blog updates on the progress of the Review so that you can stay informed. Additionally, I'll be letting you know of further opportunities to participate in the Review in the future, such as focus groups and user testing to trial changes we are making.

I'm really passionate about Girlguiding and I know you are too. I'm looking forward to working with you and for you, and can't wait to contribute to the delivery of better membership communications.

Do your bit for Capacity

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