Are you a pet expert?

Find out if you have animal know-how with this great quiz from our partner, Pets at Home

26 Sep 2017

World Animal Day is 6 October - so why not involve the girls in your unit with this quiz, created especially for Girlguiding by our partner, Pets at Home?

You can try the quiz here, and use it in your unit meeting if you have internet access during meetings. 

We've also created a printable version you can use with your unit - it's got the same questions as well as some trickier ones if you want to test your girls' pet expertise!

Download the printable version

Download the printable version

Download the printable version

Your girls can keep learning at a My Pet Pals workshop

Whether your girls are pet newbies or you’ve got a unit full of pet experts, why not take them along to a free My Pet Pals workshop at Pets at Home? Your girls will learn about the five welfare needs of pets and find out more about how they can take care of animals responsibly. Plus, they’ll have a great ‘hands on’ experience, as they’ll be able to have a go at handling some of the animals.