These former guiding members knew that STEM was for them

We heard from three women working in STEM roles with our partner the Royal Air Force.

27 January 2020

We heard from three women working in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) roles with our partner the Royal Air Force. Read what former Brownies and Guides Emma, Lauren and Paula told us about their career paths and their time in guiding.

What is your role?

Emma: I'm a Communications and Electronics Engineering Officer in the Royal Air Force. I currently work in the Global Operations Security Communications Centre within Operations HQ.

Lauren: As a Survival Equipment Specialist, I currently work in Parachute Engineering Squadron maintaining, testing and repairing aircrew equipment and parachute systems in support of airborne forces.

Paula: I'm an Aircraft Engineer in the Royal Air Force, currently working at Benson as part of the Puma 2 Helicopter Continuous Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO). We ensure on a day-to-day basis that the aircraft are fit to fly.

Why did you choose your field and were you inspired by someone?

I love that I can combine my job and my sports passion. - Emma

Emma: I was inspired by my grandfather who was an engineer who became a Royal Air Force pilot. I've played rugby for the Royal Air Force for four years as well as playing at premiership level for the Bristol Ladies Rugby Club. I love that I can combine my job and my sports passion.

Lauren: When I walked into the Armed Forces Careers Office, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, I just knew I wanted to be in the Royal Air Force. Being able to travel the world whilst repairing aircrew equipment assemblies in support of aircrew training appealed to me the most as well as the qualifications I would gain from my training.

Paula: I always wanted to join the Military and both my parents worked in the Aerospace industry making parts for commercial aircraft, so the Royal Air Force was my choice of career path. However, my secondary school form tutor always supported that I wanted to work in an engineering field.

What do you remember about your time in Girlguiding?

Wednesday evenings after school meant Guides and I loved it. - Lauren

Emma: I was a Brownie – I thoroughly enjoyed my time taking part in lots of activities and learning new skills with my friends.

Lauren: Wednesday evenings after school meant Guides and I loved it. My fondest memories of being a Guide are the friendships I made and the skills I learnt. I still have my badges and sashes from Brownies and Guides. I also remember many camping trips away for the weekend.

Paula: I remember meeting regularly with a group of friends that weren’t all part of my school. We would complete activities and challenges as a team as well as an individual to achieve the standards required to earn another badge.

About our partnership

Girlguiding is working with the Royal Air Force to develop activities that will provide girls with an insight into STEM.

The Royal Air Force will be running STEM activities for Brownies, Guides and Rangers at Twisted Tech, our new science and tech event for 2020.

Sharing expert knowledge, the Royal Air Force is helping us empower girls and young women to develop life skills in STEM subjects through activities and experiences.

Read more about our partnership with the Royal Air Force.