Guide Challenge badges

Guide Challenge badges celebrate all you'll do as a Guide

There are loads of different interesting badges at Guides. The badge I’m most proud of is my Promise badge. My favourite activities to do are food activities - Heather, 10

There are four Guide Challenge badges you can achieve

Each takes 12 months to complete. A Guide Challenge badge:

  • recognises your commitment to guiding and all the different things you do
  • allows you to develop your skills
  • encourages you to learn more
  • takes 12 months to earn.

Your Challenge badge is unique to you, how you have developed as a Guide and your involvement in your Guide unit.

What you'll need to do

Over 12 months you will need to:

  • be a reliable member of your patrol
  • complete two Go For Its! 
  • complete two activities outside your meeting place
  • help others.

You can find out more about the different steps on the Guides' website.