Brownie Adventure

The Adventure badge is the beginning of a girl's journey through Brownies

The three Brownie Adventure badges

The Brownie Adventure charts girls progress during their time in Girlguiding. There are three parts.

  • You - Brownies develop confidence and self-esteem through new experiences. Girls build friendships as they work together in small groups called Sixes. They get a say in what happens at Brownies as they learn decision-making skills and how to express their views.
  • Community - girls are encouraged to become active citizens through activities that help them to understand and participate in their communities. They could raise money for charities or visit local places of interest.
  • World - girls are empowered to learn about the wider world. Activities could involve celebrating a festival from a different culture, finding out about endangered animal species, or learning how they can combat climate change.

There are three stages of the Brownie Adventure: Adventure (age seven to eight), Adventure On (age eight to nine) and More Adventures (age nine to ten). There is a flexible syllabus for each stage and girls are awarded a badge when each section is completed.

What is the Adventure badge?

The Adventure badge is the first of three special Brownie Adventure badges that girls can work towards as they go through Brownies. It is the start of their exciting journey into Brownies.

The activities in the Adventure Badge empower girls to learn about themselves, try new things and discover the wider world. Girls could lead a science experiment with their unit, celebrate a festival from another culture or spend some time out under the stars spotting constellations.

We have done some science experiments in Brownies before and they were really fun. I do experiments at home and have watched some TV shows and have my own chemistry set and microscope. - Jenna, 10.

Working on the Adventure badge

It takes about a year for a girl to earn their Adventure badge. Girls need to do the following things to achieve their badge:

  • do their best to keep their Promise
  • find out about the Promise and explore what the Promise means to them
  • do at least one interest badge
  • take part in an activity with girls from another unit
  • go on an adventure away from the meeting place
  • take part in three You activities to learn about themselves
  • take part in three Community activities to find out about where they live
  • take part in three World activities to discover the wider world
  • take part in a Pow-wow to help decide what happens at Brownies.

As girls work through each section of the Adventure badge, they can try activities in any order they like. Girls get the most out of their Adventure when they challenge themselves with something they haven't done before or something they don't find easy.

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How to get started

The Brownie Adventures book guides girls through the Adventure badge. The Brownie Leader is always there to tell girls more about what's involved too.

Adventure On

Once a girl has finished her Adventure badge, she can move to the Adventure On badge. It's the next part of her journey.