Tesco Farm to Fork Trails

Includes: nutrition, recipes, supermarket, sustainability, food for fuel, explore the store, Indoors, Outdoors, Food fun, Health and well-being

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An exciting (and edible adventure) - ending 31 January 2018

Go behind the scenes at your local Tesco, where girls can use taste, smell and touch to learn about healthy eating while having fun. Farm to Fork Trails will run up until 31 January 2018.


The future of Farm to Fork Trails

After two years, Tesco has decided to stop running Farm to Fork Trails and focus on a few core community projects - including Bags of Help and Community Food Connection – both of which are still available for Girlguiding units.

All trails will run up until 31 January 2018, so if your booked before then you’ll be able to go as normal. After this date, Tesco can’t guarantee that your trail will take place. If your trail’s booked from February 2018 onwards, please get in touch with your local Tesco to find out more.

If you'd like to take your unit on a Farm to Fork Trail before they finish contact your local store to see if they can book you onto a session.

Find out more about the changes to the Farm to Fork Trail and Tesco Eat Happy Project.

About the trail

Who helps bananas make it into your fruit bowl?

Where does sugar come from?

Why is it important to keep hydrated?

Thanks to The Tesco Eat Happy Project, your unit can find out a host of fascinating food facts – and even make their own healthy snacks – on a local Farm to Fork Trail.

Farm to Fork Trails are free and available at local large Tesco stores across the UK. They’re designed for 4 to 11 year olds to learn more about food in a fun and accessible way.

The trails 

There are four different in-store trails you can go on.

  • Explore the Store - the original and popular trail, where girls can explore Tesco’s chillers and counters. They will learn how bread is made, sample some tasty cheese and have a close encounter with some fresh fish!
  • Healthy Eating - help your girls understand the importance of a healthy and balanced diet by tasting healthy snacks, exploring what ‘five a day’ really means and making muesli.
  • Sustainability - discover how food like fish, bananas and cocoa can be sourced responsibly to protect our planet. Girls will be encouraged to think about caring for each other and the world around them.
  • Food for Fuel - find out what athletes around the world eat to keep their bodies fit and strong, and get hands-on making some fruit-flavoured water to stay hydrated.

Each theme has lots of resources to engage girls before and after your store visit. Plus, at the end of completing your first trail, you’ll be able to get an exclusive Farm to Fork badge.

Tesco also offer seasonal trails for Easter, Christmas, Diwali and Autumn Harvest, so keep an eye out for these! Please note that Farm to Fork badges are only available for the four 'core' trails. 

How to book 

If you'd like to take your unit on a Farm to Fork Trail before they finish on 31 January 2018 contact your local store to see if they can book you onto a session. Unfortunately you can no longer use the online booking facility.

Tell us about your trip

Did you have a great time on a Farm to Fork Trail? Tag @EatHappyProject on Twitter and let them know what you got up to, and what you learned!

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