All you need to know about awards

Girls have a new range of awards to work on

Awards add something extra special to girls’ guiding experience

As part of our new programme, we're launching an updated range of awards to inspire girls and celebrate their achievements. Some are new awards, others have a long history. But all of them take time and commitment to achieve, which is why they’re something girls can be really proud of. 

Introducing our new awards

We’re launching two new sets of awards in July: Theme awards and section Gold awards. They’re based around elements of our new programme and are designed to encourage girls to take on a broad range of challenges. The activities girls do in their unit meetings can count towards these awards. This will make them much more accessible, which we hope means more girls can achieve them. 

Theme awards

These awards relate to the six new themes that run across the programme. There’s an award for each theme in every section. So a girl who starts in Rainbows and goes right through to Rangers could end up with 24 Theme awards.

A girl has to complete the following combination of activities within the same theme to achieve the Theme award for that section:

  • One interest badge
  • One skills builder stage
  • A certain number of hours of unit meeting activities: 3 hours for Rainbows, 4 hours for Brownies and 5 hours for Guides and Rangers

Fun fact!

We love the design of the new awards – members and non-members alike will want to get their hands on them! Girls and young women will also be able to track their progress in new shiny badge and record books, which we think they’ll love too.

Section Gold awards

Section Gold awards build on Theme awards. When a girl has achieved all six Theme awards in her section, she can decide to take on the relevant Gold award challenge to achieve the Gold award for her section. The challenge changes depending on a girl’s section and her interests.

It’s a great achievement and a big commitment. So it’s up to each girl whether she chooses to complete a section Gold award.

Fun fact!

There are woven and metal badges for the section Gold awards and the metal pin badges have a secret message on the back of them!

Taking it further

As girls progress through guiding, those who want an extra challenge can complete further awards outside of the programme themes. These awards will be familiar as they’ve long been a part of guiding. They’re a chance for young women to take on wide-reaching adventures in their community and internationally.

Queen’s Guide award

The Queen’s Guide award is the highest accolade you can work towards in guiding. It gives girls the chance to develop their skills and have outdoors adventures while contributing to guiding and their local community. 

Who’s it for? Members aged 16-25 years old

Commonwealth award

A truly international challenge, the Commonwealth award is open to guiding members in all Commonwealth countries. This award strengthens the bonds between girls living in the Commonwealth as they learn about each other’s history and culture.

Who’s it for? Members aged 13-25 years old

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is an internationally recognised challenge that girls can complete as part of their guiding experience. There are three progressive levels of the award – Bronze, Silver and Gold – that vary in length and commitment. 

Who’s it for? Anyone aged 14-25 years old (up until a girl’s 25th birthday)


Permits boost girls’ camping and event knowledge, experience and confidence. They also empower them to make the right decisions when things don’t go to plan.

  • The Camp permit (12-14 year olds)
  • The Overnight permit (14-18 year olds)
  • The Ranger permit (14-18 year olds)

Why we’re excited about awards

There’s something available for everyone who wants to complete an award. Every girl will have the opportunity to push her boundaries, have new experiences and feel proud of her achievement. And as girls get older the range of awards increases, so girls can tailor their guiding journey to really suit their interests.