The Chief Guide's Challenge

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Open to all members of The Senior Section, The Chief Guide's Challenge will help you to get stuck in to the fantastic Look Wider programme

I volunteered with a local conservation group, learned to lay hedges, joined a rock climbing club, completed an advanced driving course, got my Leadership Qualification, attended camps and made a scrapbook all about me. I loved doing this challenge.Han Charlie, member of The Senior Section

Work towards the second highest award for young members

The Chief Guide's Challenge is rooted in The Senior Section's Look Wider programme and is open to all members of The Senior Section, aged 14 to 25.

Why should I get involved?

The Look Wider programme is a personal challenge designed for you to get a taste of many different activities - from indulging your creative side to taking on a new fitness challenge. By completing The Chief Guide's Challenge, you'll be rewarded by expanding your skills across multiple areas - skills which will help you gain a better understanding of who you are and who you want to be.

This challenge is designed to be both fun and practical, so - alongside making great memories - you'll gain extremely useful experience which will be applicable in your educational, professional and personal life.

What does it entail?

In order to complete the Chief Guide's Challenge, you need to complete Phases 1 and 2 from all eight octants of the Look Wider programme.

  • Phase 1 - gives you the opportunity to try three new activities. These can be completely new things or can expand on elements of an existing skill or hobby.
  • Phase 2 - allows you to take things further by doing an activity for a minimum of 12 hours. It can be something you got a taste of in Phase 1 or something entirely different.

You have until your 26th birthday to complete the challenge.

Finished your Chief Guide's Challenge?

Once you have completed Phases 1 and 2 of all eight octants, arrange to meet with your Senior Section leader or an appropriate commissioner. They can confirm that you have completed the Challenge and arrange a presentation of The Chief Guide's Challenge Award.

Once your Award is confirmed, it's time to party! You can have your Award presented wherever you like, whether this be your unit meeting place or a county event.

Get stuck in

Ready to begin? Download a copy of the Look Wider resource and plan your next steps.

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