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Science investigator

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Get experimental!

This badge will be retired on 22 July 2019  as we move over to our new programme of activities, badges and awards.

1. Do at least one activity from each of the three sections.

All about me


  • Identify five different sound effects.
  • Make three different noises for someone else to identify.


Taste four things (for example lemonade, toothpaste, water and yogurt) and
decide which is most acidic. Now make an indicator to test your ideas.


  • Find out what makes me, me.
  • Look at another Brownie with a pinhole camera.
  • Compare your fingerprint with the rest of your unit or a group of friends – can you find your own?

How clean am I?

  • Find out about how bacteria are spread.
  • Understand the importance of washing your hands.
  • Make your own cleanser.
  • Fuel for life
  • Demonstrate how you can tell there is energy in food.
  • How much energy do you need? What do you use it for?

Build it


  • In your Six or with a group of friends, build a structure, for example a bridge or a tower. Could your structure survive an earthquake?


  • Find out how air can power transport and produce renewable energy.


  • Find out about how different forces act on each other.


  • Explore how science has been used to improve safety.


  • Make a vehicle and see how far it can travel.

All around me


  • What does a plant need to grow?


  • How are different colours made?
  • Make, test and use different dyes.


  • Understand and demonstrate how you can navigate during the day and at night.
  • Make your own compass.


  • Pick a combination of liquids – water, cooking oil, washing-up liquid, honey, milk. Investigate how things sink or float.


  • How do animals adapt to their environments? What issues have an impact on this?

2. Do one of the following

  • Visit a museum, science centre, zoo, botanical garden, science festival, aquarium, nature reserve or university/school extra-curricular day.
  • Have a scientist, engineer or medical professional talk to you about their work.
  • Find out about two famous scientists.

Try it this way

If you complete different options for both clauses you can have another Science investigator badge.

Tester tips

  • If possible, girls should complete one investigation at the test.
  • One investigation may be completed at school.


Ask an adult you know for help with these activities.