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Get moving!

Complete four of these clauses. If you complete another four clauses you may have a second badge.

Describe the most suitable clothing and footwear for the activities you choose.

1. Using a rope, skip forwards for two minutes. Demonstrate two other skipping movements.

2. Take part in aerobic dancing and demonstrate three steps to your Patrol.

3. Cycle 5km.

4. Run or jog 2km.

5. Skate for 20 minutes.

6. Swim 100 metres.

7. Walk briskly for 20 minutes.

8. Take part in a fitness trail. This may be purpose-built in a park or designed by members of your unit.

9. Perform a variety of gymnastic moves, including at least one forward roll, backward roll, handstand and cartwheel, and two moves of your own choice.

10. Throw and catch a ball with a partner ten times over 6 metres.

11. Throw a ball from 4 metres away to hit a target 30cm square.

12. In a wheelchair, show skill in following an obstacle course that should include ramps up and down and forward and backward gates.

13. Run for 25 metres, bouncing a basketball or similar. 

14. With a racquet, bounce a ball on the floor 20 times and in the air 20 times. 

15. Demonstrate two simple yoga techniques.  


  • When taking part in any form of exercise you should always warm up fully beforehand and stretch out properly afterwards. Learn some simple warming-up and stretching exercises that you can use before and after any activity. 
  • When you are going out for exercise, let an adult know where you are going and how long you intend to be. Consider the safety of activities before you try them out.