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Disability awareness

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Increase your mobility, sight and hearing awareness

This badge will be retired later this year as we move over to our new programme of activities, badges and awards.

1. Choose and do two clauses from each section.

Mobility awareness

  • Talk with the tester about mobility aids, such as powered and manual wheelchairs, walking frames and canes. Know when they may be useful.
  • Know three ways to make it easier for a wheelchair user to use public places, like shops, parks, hospitals or libraries. Describe how your meeting place could be improved for a wheelchair user.
  • Make a display showing some of the events that form the Paralympics.
  • Make up, or change, a game or activity so that everyone can take part in it, however mobile they are.

Hearing awareness

  • Learn the finger-spelling alphabet. Use it to:
    • tell the tester your name
    • find out the tester’s name.
  • Explain what hearing dogs for deaf people do and why they are helpful.
  • Take part in a game or activity at Brownies wearing earplugs or headphones so you can’t hear clearly. Describe how you felt.
  • Show how to: 
    • approach a deaf person
    • speak to a deaf person so they can lip-read

Sight awareness

  • Find out about the different ways a blind or visually impaired person can read, for example using the computer, Braille or Moon.
  • Explain what guide dogs for blind people do and how they are trained.
  • With your eyes closed, identify:
    • four objects by touch
    • four objects by sound
    • four objects by smell.
  • Show how to approach and identify yourself to a blind or visually impaired person.

2. Find out about two other disabilities. Know how they can affect someone’s life.

Try it this way

If you complete the other options from each section in clause 1, and find out
about another two disabilities for clause 2, you can have a second Disability awareness badge.

Need any help?

Ask your Brownie Leader to find information in Brownie Adventure File 1 to help you with this badge.

Hearing awareness

Sight awareness

Mobility awareness