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Get creative to get your Artist badge

1. Name the primary colours. Know how to mix them to make other colours.

2. Use three colours to make a pattern. Use any method you like, for example potato cuts, home-made stick prints or coloured paper. Suggest a suitable use for the pattern, such as wrapping paper or clothing.

3. Make two of the following.

  • An invitation to celebrate a Brownie event.
  • An illustrated poem, reading or prayer card.
  • A picture using paints, crayons, inks or other colouring materials.
  • A decorated bookmark.
  • A greetings or thank-you card.
  • A scented or textured picture.
  • A piece of art designed on a computer.

4. Create a textured collage using materials like dried pasta, string and cloth.

5. At the test, draw or paint a picture of a subject you and the tester have agreed on
before the test.

Need any help?

Take a look at your favourite magazines or books to get inspired by the pictures.