Brownie adventures


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Now it's time to get started on your Brownie adventure!

When you get your Adventure badge it shows what a great time you have already had as a Brownie.

To achieve your Adventure badge, you have to:

  • Do your best to keep your Promise
  • Find out about the Promise and explore what the Promise means to you
  • Do at least one interest badge
  • Take part in an activity with girls from another unit
  • Go on an adventure away from your meeting place
  • Take part in three YOU activities
  • Take part in three COMMUNITY activities
  • Take part in three WORLD activities
  • Take part in a Pow-wow to help decide what happens at Brownies.

Your Brownie Adventures book can help you get this badge and gives you a place to write down all the activities you do. Fill it out and talk with your Brownie leader about your Brownie Adventure so far.