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Adventure on

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Get going on Adventure on

Your Adventure On badge is a chance to have even more fun as a Brownie. It is about taking part in Brownies and having fun with your Brownie friends.

To achieve your Adventure On badge, you have to:

  • Continue to explore what your Promise means to you.
  • Do at least one new interest badge.
  • Go on an adventure away from your meeting place and help decide what you do.
  • Take part in an activity with girls from another section (Rainbows, Guides or The Senior Section)
  • Take part in three new YOU activities
  • Take part in three new COMMUNITY activities
  • Take part in three new WORLD activities
  • Put forward ideas in a pow-wow to help decide what happens at Brownies

Use your Brownie Adventure book to find activities and write down what you do for this badge. You can talk with your Brownie leader about the things that you have done.