Go For It!


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Get ready for Guides

Wow, you're almost at the end of your Brownie adventure. This means you can now have a go at this very special set of activities just for older Brownies.

This badge will be retired later this year as we move over to our new programme of activities, badges and awards.

What's a Go For It!?

Go For Its! are activity packs that Guides use in small groups called Patrols (a bit like Sixes). There are Go For Its! on lots of different subjects, from camping to space. Guides can choose their own Go For It! and plan the activities they want to do.

What is this Go For It! all about?

It's about you and your future! You'll learn about the fun you can have in Guides, and then look even further into the future to what you could become and what you could achieve.

How does it work?

Talk to your Brownie leader or look in your Brownies Adventures book to find out what activities you can do to get this badge.

With a group of other older Brownies or on you own, choose four (or more!) activities from the Go For It!.

At least two of the activities should be from the Get into Guides section. 

When you complete the activities you'll recieve the amazing Brownies Go Fot It! badge. It's a great start to your collection of Go For It! badges and if you move on to Guides you'll be able to wear it on your Guide uniform.