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Active response

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Be ready for anything

This badge will be retired later this year as we move over to our new programme of activities, badges and awards.

Complete all these clauses.

1. Demonstrate or discuss what to do when you discover an accident in the street or at home.

2. Explain how to make an emergency phone call. Know what information you will need to give.

3. Understand and demonstrate what to do if someone is not breathing.

4. Demonstrate what to do if someone has severe bleeding from a wound.

5. Explain how to deal with the following types of fire: clothing that is on fire; a pan of fat on fire; a fire caused by an electrical source.

6. Know how and where to turn off the gas, electricity and water. Explain when you might need to do this and what you would do next.

7. Demonstrate how you would help somebody who was having difficulty in water, and what precautions you would take to make sure you were safe.

8. Make and light a fire, or use a stove safely to boil water and make a hot drink.

9. Discuss what preparations you would make for going on an outing. Explain what you would do if you got lost when walking in a wood, in fog or in a town.

10. Explain, and if possible demonstrate, how to shelter if you are in difficulty when out walking. Explain how to deal with and avoid hypothermia and heat exhaustion.