Thumbs up?

Includes: Indoors, Outdoors, Girls in the lead

Activity time:
< 10 mins


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Rainbows give ratings

Use a simple thumbs up/thumbs down system to get feedback on activities.


  1. Ask the Rainbows to stand in a circle and to think about the meetings they’ve had over the term.
  2. Tell them you’re going to shout out the activities they’ve done and you want them to show you how they rate them using their thumbs.
  3. A thumbs up means they really enjoyed it, thumbs horizontal means it was okay and thumbs down means they didn’t enjoy it.
Section Number of girls per adult
Rainbows 5
Brownies 8
Guides 12

How many adults are needed?

Use this calculator to find out the ratio of girls to adults that is required for this activity

2 adults needed