Techno treasure hunt

Includes: Outdoors, Adventure, Nature and the great outdoors, Technology and science

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Have fun with geocachcing!

Discover treasure hunting using a hand-held GPS device - great to try as part of a hike or trip!


  1. Go to to find a cache in your area.
  2. Enter a postcode and you should see a list of caches appear. To see the coordinates, you will need to create a free account with the website. This is easy and quick to do.
  3. Plan your trip. If the cache is not just down the road, you will need to look at maps of the area you are visiting. Work out how long it will take to get there and back.
  4. When you get close to the cache location, try to think in the same way as the person who might have hidden it. Read the description of the location very carefully – there may be clues. Remember, caches are hidden not buried.
  5. When you find the cache, open it and sign the log book. Swap the item inside for something of equal or greater value. Log your find on when you get back.

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