Includes: pioneering, gadgets, shelter building, construction, outdoors, indoors, campcraft, land Outdoors, Adventurous, Nature and the great outdoors

Activity time:
1 meeting


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DIY for the outdoors

Work as a team to make anything from shelters and bridges to camp chairs and other things you need in the outdoors.


Pioneering involves using knots and lashes to make structures and useful objects from lengths of wood. You can do it on a large scale in the outdoors by making things such as shelters and bridges over streams. Alternatively, you can make smaller objects in the meeting place. This traditional guiding activity encourages teamwork, imagination and problem solving.

Visit Pioneering Made Easy or Pioneering Projects where you can find ideas for pioneering 

Planning checklist

Safety notes

For younger girls, rubber bands and short garden canes can be used for this activity.

If the pioneering is happening outside your normal meeting time and venue, or outside a residential event, an Information and Consent for Event/Activity form is required.

The leader of the activity must have a competent understanding of pioneering techniques and must fully check structures such as bridges and camp gadgets before they are used by participants.

Section Number of girls per adult
Rainbows 5
Brownies 8
Guides 12

How many adults are needed?

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2 adults needed


  • An Activity Information and Consent form is required to participate in this activity - PDF | Word
  • A Risk Assessment form is required for this activity - PDF

Remember - you can use one consent form for multiple activities

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