Make your own boomerang

Includes: Indoors, Outdoors, Around the world, Arts and crafts

Activity time:
30 mins


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Celebrate Australia Day - 26 January

Making boomerangs is a fun way to learn about physics and Aboriginal Australian culture.


  1. Cut your cereal box in two and then draw two boomerang blades.
  2. Cut out the blades, lay one on top of the other and staple together. They should form an ‘X’ shape.
  3. Now decorate the blades with felt-tip pens.
  4. Finally, fold up the ends of each blade about 3cm from the end. The boomerang is now read to fly! Throw them and see which ones, if any, come back.

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Safety notes

With arts and crafts activities, watch girls at all times to make sure they are using scissors, glue and other items safely.

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