Let's connect

Includes: Indoors, Group games, Team building and friendship

Activity time:
< 10 mins


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Help new members feel 'connected' to the unit

This is a great way to help new girls fit in.


  1. One girl starts by saying something about herself, such as: ‘I have earned the Healthy heart badge’, ‘I love horse riding’, ‘I am good at listening’.
  2. Everyone else who has this in common with her should raise their hand and say ‘Connect!’. The first girl to raise her hand links arms with the girl who spoke. Then she should say something different about herself and see who connects to her.
  3. Once everyone is connected, ask the girls how they felt about the game. Did they know these facts about others already, or have they made new connections? See if they can do it again but connecting with different people this time.
  4. A good tip is to break your unit into smaller groups to avoid the game losing pace and to ensure the girls don’t get restless.
Section Number of girls per adult
Rainbows 5
Brownies 8
Guides 12

How many adults are needed?

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2 adults needed