Karting and quad biking

Includes: quad biking, go karting, street luge, pedal cars, ice karting Indoors, Outdoors, Adventure, Sports

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Race around the track

A chance for girls to get in the driving seat! Go karting and quad biking are fast, fun and often muddy.


Go karting and quad biking are riding and racing open four-wheeled vehicles on indoor and outdoor private tracks and other designated off-road locations.

Pedal go karting is open to all.

Motorised go karting and quad biking are open to those aged seven and over.

Go karting and quad biking on public roads are prohibited activities in Girlguiding.

To take girls go karting or quad biking, you will need to find a reputable local provider with a suitably qualified instructor.

Planning checklist

Safety notes

You can verify the quality of a provider by checking it has one of the following endorsements: AALA, Adventuremark or LotC Quality Badge for Adventure. These endorsements are not applicable in Northern Ireland, where you should ask your local Outdoor Activities Adviser to recommend an approved provider.

See safety regulations for more information on equipment, instruction and vehicles.

The instructor must be an experienced driver with good knowledge and relevant experience of the type of vehicle and terrain being used for the activity.

  • Appropriate safety clothing, including helmets, must be worn.
  • Instruction must be given on safe driving skills, how to handle the vehicle correctly and what to do in an emergency.
  • The go kart or quad bike must be well-maintained, roadworthy and designed for the terrain where it will be used.
Section Number of girls per adult
Rainbows 5
Brownies 8
Guides 12

How many adults are needed?

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2 adults needed


  • An Activity Information and Consent form is required to participate in this activity - PDF | Word
  • A Risk Assessment form is required for this activity - PDF

Remember - you can use one consent form for multiple activities