Getting ready for Free Being Me

Includes: Indoors, Equality, Team building and friendship

Activity time:
1 meeting


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Five for Free

These activities are great for preparing units for their Free Being Me badge.


1. Wall of inspiration

Set up a wall to display positive statements, inspiring pictures and ideas developed through the programme to help your girls feel empowered to be themselves. Encourage them to look for their own inspiration, too. You could also use the wall to help plan the group Take Action project to take the body-confidence message to their friends.

2. Secret friend

Allocate each girl a 'secret friend' at random from the group. During the Free Being Me sessions, they should find ways to make their secret friend feel good about themselves. Make sure everyone knows they shouldn't focus on appearance.

3. 'Treasure inside me' boxes

Ask everyone to make a small box using crafty bits and pieces. They should then secretly write positive messages in other girls' boxes. By the end, each girl should have a collection of empowering notes.

4. Movie night

Watch an age-appropriate film with your unit that shows a female character being true to herself, eg Merida in the movie Brave. Discuss how she was expected to be, and how she showed confidence in herself.

5. Caring friend necklace (activity from the Thousand Islands)

Make each Leader a necklace containing five beads, and explain to the unit that each bead represents one of the words 'I am loving and caring'. When a Leader sees a girl do something thoughtful and considerate, they should quietly take off the necklace and put it around the girl's neck. She should then pass it on to someone else who has been loving and caring.


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Planning checklist

Section Number of girls per adult
Rainbows 5
Brownies 8
Guides 12

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2 adults needed