Get 'habitat' aware

Includes: Indoors, Nature and the great outdoors, World issues

Activity time:
< 10 mins


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Habitat musical chairs

Get girls thinking about the effect of humans on animal habitats.


  1. Choose a habitat such as ‘woodland’, ‘pond’ or ‘meadow’. On half the stickers, write the name of a creature from that habitat. On the other half, write the creature's homes. For example, for a woodland habitat you could have badger/sett, fox/earth, mouse/mouse hole, owl/owl nest, robin/robin nest, and so on.
  2. Give each girl a sticker. If there is an odd number of girls, have two of one kind of animal.
  3. Arrange the chairs or mats as for musical chairs. Explain that the chairs represent your chosen habitat.
  4. Start the music and get the girls to dance around the chairs. Take a chair or two from the middle of the line. This represents a road that has been built through the habitat, dividing it into two islands.
  5. When you turn off the music, everyone sits on the nearest chair. Those without a chair represent animals or homes that have disappeared from that habitat because of new road being built.
  6. As more chairs are taken out, tell the girls that the gaps represent a motorway service station, a housing estate and so on. Each time you take away a chair another animal or its home is lost from the habitat. Also, if a creature and its home are on opposite sides of the gap, the animal might have trouble reaching its home. When the two sides have only two or three chairs each, the habitat is so small that larger animals, such as foxes, cannot find enough food.

Planning checklist

Section Number of girls per adult
Rainbows 5
Brownies 8
Guides 12

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2 adults needed