Fun with firelighters

Includes: Indoors, Outdoors, Nature and the great outdoors, Technology and science

Activity time:
1 meeting


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Bright sparks

Get girls to try out different homemade firelighters.


Make the firelighters as follows.

Type 1

  1. Ask the girls to cut the egg cartons apart to make separate pots, and then stuff them with tumble drier fluff.
  2. Place a short piece of candle wick into each pot, leaving a small end sticking out.
  3. Melt the wax in an old bowl, placed inside a larger bowl of hot water. When it had melted, pour it over the top of the pot, sealing in the fluff.

Type 2

  1. Get girls to fill the toilet roll inserts with sawdust and/or shredded paper.
  2. Wrap the rolls in newspaper and twist the ends like a Christmas cracker.

Challenge the girls to use the lighters to build fires, working out which is most effective.

Planning checklist

Safety notes

Hot wax can cause burns – handle very carefully and use pot holders when melting the wax. Take extra precautions when lighting fires and keep a bucket of water nearby to use if necessary.
Stay safe when conducting adventurous activities by following our risk management guidelines.

Using the web? Follow our online safety guidelines to ensure girls in your unit can surf safely.

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2 adults needed