Fun in the rain

Includes: Indoors, Arts and crafts

Activity time:
1 meeting


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Decorate an umbrella

A great way to boost creativity - and stay dry!


  1. Ask girls to draw a picture of their design for a new umbrella. (You could do the planning the first week, and the decorating the next.) Girls could create a design to cover the whole umbrella, for example black zebra stripes on a white umbrella, or turn a plain green umbrella into a googly-eyed frog. Or they could have a different design or pattern for each of its panels, and even decorate the umbrella’s handle too.
  2. Place newspaper all over the floor or table where you’re painting and make sure that you have enough space for everyone to paint their open umbrellas.
  3. Using fabric or acrylic paints, paint the design onto the umbrella, then leave to dry.
  4. When the paint has fully dried, use superglue to attach plastic gems and any other decorations to the umbrella. Remind girls that they will need to be able to open and close it afterwards.
  5. Allow the umbrella to dry for at least a day before closing it or taking it out in the rain. (It might be easier, where possible, for girls to collect their umbrellas the following week, so that they don’t have to carry them home open.)

Planning checklist

Safety notes

With arts and crafts activities, watch girls at all times to make sure they are using scissors, glue and other items safely.

Section Number of girls per adult
Rainbows 5
Brownies 8
Guides 12

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2 adults needed