Education for all?

Includes: Indoors, Equality, World issues

Activity time:
30 mins


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An educational experience

This activity will encourage girls to think about widening access to education across the globe.


  1. Begin a discussion about school. Who enjoys it? Who thinks it’s boring? Do the girls/young women think it’s necessary? Ask them what they would like to do when they leave school? Does their goal require education? How would their choices be limited if they were denied an education?
  2. Split the unit into smaller groups of about six. Rainbows can complete the activity as a unit.
  3. Ask one volunteer in the group to lie on a large piece of flip chart paper and draw an outline around her.
  4. Inside the girl outline, they should write how she might feel if she was denied an education. For Rainbows, ask the girls to think how they would feel if they didn’t have the opportunity to go to school and learn important things like how to read and write. They could draw how they might feel.
  5. Outside the girl outline, they should write all the things that would be denied to the girl because she didn’t have an education. They should also think about how her society might discriminate against her. For example, how would someone be treated if they couldn’t read? Would they have access to the same information as someone who was able to read?
  6. Ask the groups to present their ideas to the rest of the unit.
  7. Ask them if they feel differently about school having completed the activity.
  8. Ask them if they can think of reasons why children are denied the opportunity to go to school. Could it be because schooling isn’t free in their country and their family can’t afford to send them? Could a child have to stay at home to look after a sick parent or their siblings, or even work to contribute to the family’s income?

If the group feels strongly about the issue, there are many things they can do to make their voices heard. They could write to their MP to find out what is being done; they could educate their peers on the issue; or they could join a campaign for universal primary education.

Section Number of girls per adult
Rainbows 5
Brownies 8
Guides 12

How many adults are needed?

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2 adults needed